Anggun C Sasmi is is an Indonesian singer/songwriter with French citizenship. Anggun was born on 29th April 1974 in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Her full name is Anggun Cipta Sasmi. Her father is Darto Singo (a famous singer and producer in Indonesia). Anggun Cipta Sasmi started her career as a singer when her age was 7 year, she recorded her first album with children's song.

Anggun C Sasmi is her famous name in Indonesia, She was interested in rock music. Her second heavily rock influenced album is "Dunia Aku Punya", that in the Indonesian language mean "World of mine". This album became very popular, It's made her as a megastar in East Asia.

Anggun returned to the studio to record new albums in 1990 with her solo sing of song "Tua Tua Keladi" and "Mimpi", and Anggun C Sasmi released her next album "Anak Putih Abu Abu". Again in the 1992 she appeared on TV with her new music album "Noc Turno".

In 1992, Anggun began a relationship with Michel Georgea, a French man, whom she had met the year before in Kalimantan while touring. Anggun C Sasmi became the youngest singer to found her own record company (Bali Cipta Record), and released what would be her final Indonesian studio album, Anggun C. Sasmi... Lah!!! in 1993.

On 1994, She left Indonesia and decided to pursue an international career. After a year in London, Anggun C Sasmi settled in Paris, France and met producer Erick Benzi (who previously had worked with Celine Dion, Jean-Jacques Goldman and Johnny Hallyday, among others), who later helped her sign a record deal with Sony Music France and recorded her first French album, Au Nom de la Lune, in 1996.

Anggun C Sasmi is the first Indonesian artist who appear in MTV Asia, Hong Kong. She launched a video music with her unique performance, she is wearing her tomboy style on her single album "Kembalilah Kasih (Kita Harus Bicara)".

Erick Benzi look at on her improvement, He offered to the Anggun C Sasmi a record deal and on the same year, Anggun signed to Sony Music and Columbia France. She also success in learning French language, By this reason Benzi made debut album with her as well as a handful of musicians and songwriters, including Jacques Veneruso, Gildas Arzel and Nikki Matheson.

The phenomenal success of Anggun began when the first single of the album, "La neige au Sahara", Anggun C Sasmi quickly became a top hit in France and Belgium. At the end of 2000 Anggun received an invitation from the Vatican, asking her to appear at a Christmas concert alongside a host of international stars including Bryan Adams. For the event, she gave her renditions of "Have Yourself a Little Merry Christmas" as well as "Still Reminds Me".

Her career continuously improve year by year. On 16 October 2009, Anggun was nominated Goodwill Ambassador of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).